Bay Trees – Topiary Lollipops

All the Bay Tree Lollipops have extra large leafy lollipop heads; Bay leaves are a very deep shade of green producing a very lush, rich impression. Compared to normal Bay Tree Lollipops this range are outstanding. As well as having extra leafy heads the extra large range are some of the most impressive Bay Tree Lollipops available in the UK, standing at over 2.15+ tall, they also have an extremely wide heads.

Extra large wedding Bay tree lollipops
Extra large Bay tree lollipops outside a wedding marquee

Simple to decorate (with these plants less is generally more). Try ideas like a simple ribbon hanging from the stem through to LED fairy lights threaded throughout the head produces a memorable focal point that will add grace to any event. Topiary Lollipop Bay Trees are a wedding favourite for brides, quick and easy to install and providing an idea medium for florists to work with. Deluxe Lollipop Bay Trees are ideal for smaller spaces and for use outside where space is limited and the Extra Large Lollipop Bay Trees are stunning as statement plants where large spaces, entrances…need that real impact.

Bays are known under a confusing array of names including bay laurel, sweet bay, true laurel patio plant and are native to the Mediterranean. Bay is a perennial herb and the leaves are used in cooking throughout the world.

Important Information when Renting Bay Tree Lollipops

Bay Tree Heights and Widths:

  • Deluxe bay tree lollipop height 1.5M, (5ft) size of the lollipop head 0.7M (2ft+) (excluding planters) – N.B. for 2018 we may be discontinuing this range in favour of the extra large bay tree lollipops
  • Extra large bay tree lollipop height 2.13-2.40M, (7-8ft+) huge, very leafy lollipop heads at 0.8-1M+ wide (excluding planters) Please note these plants have extra wide lollipop heads

Self collecting option:

  • Deluxe Bay tree lollipop – 1/2 sized plants can be lifted by one person.
  • Extra Large Bay tree lollipops are quite heavy and may require 2 people to lift. Please note these plants need extra high roof vehicles in order to transport.

General Information when Renting Bay Tree Lollipops

Plant Style: Topiary Lollipop

Positioning a Bay Tree: Patios, entrances, marquees, receptions.

Renting Period: Outdoor & indoor, all year round.

Bay Tree & Planter Hiring Charge Per Unit:

  • Deluxe Lollipop £30 for a single plant, £55 for a matched pair, further discounts for larger quantities.
  • Extra Large Lollipop £42.50 for a single plant, £70 for a matched pair
  • Call for discounts on larger quantities

Aftercare: None for short term rental. Long term rentals: You will be provided with aftercare documentation, on delivery of this plant. Aftercare rating = very easy.

For themed events complementary hire plants include:

If you are looking to hire Bay Tree plants, call us 07929 121347!