Greenery props – Leaves, Moss, Branches, Cut Logs & Bark

Greenery props are an integral part of creating naturalistic looking settings. If your project involve greenery we hire a range of complementary additions to create natural looking settings.

Props and plants hired to create a Jungle for I'm a Celebrity photoshoot with ITV
Linford Christie I’m a Celebrity

Leaves are divided into two types native and tropical.

Native leaves – include Bay, Holly, Ivy, ferns

Tropical leaves – include various palms, Strelitzia, bamboos…

Moss – on its own against areas or mixed in with leaves for a woodland effect and creates a very natural base

Branches – available from 0.3 – 3M long in a wide variety of shapes and states from very gnarled to tree trunks

Bark chippings – mixed in with some of the above creates a great and very natural base

Stepping-stones – both cut from soft wood to order and concrete pre cast stepping stones are available to create pathways.

Cut logs – for decorating and also available for burning at events. If you want to burn please advise us pre the hire as there is a different rate for this.