Canary Island Palm

Canary Island Date Palm AKA Phoenix canariensis were introduced for hire in 2008 and fantastic looking plants they are too. Seen throughout the Mediterranean, USA and more recently in the UK, although these will be very tall mature plants with long stems. As a young palm tree they are possibly the best looking palm from a simplistic architectural point of view, due to their very long evergreen arching leaves.

Canary Island Palm trees hired for Fast Car event @ Doncaster Race Course
Canary Island Palm trees hired for Fast Car event @ Doncaster Race Course

Our stock ranges from small to very large palms at over 3M high and nearly as wide, great impact and stunning plants. The Canary Island Date Palms represent a very cost effective plant when hiring palm trees on a budget. Lightweight, so thoroughly recommended for venues with difficult access, lots of steps or long distances from the unloading bay.

Other palm trees available to hire – the largest of the palms the Chinese Windmill Palm Trees or the rarest the Jelly Palm Trees, smallest Dwarf Fan Palm Trees or the Victorian favourite the Kentia Palm Trees.

Canary Island Date Palm Dimensions

Palm Height: Choose plants from 1.25M – 2M + (including planters)

Palm Widths: These plants are virtually as wide as they are high, so plenty of space is needed for the larger palms

Self collecting option:

  • Up to 2M palm trees – 1 person per plant, these are very light weight plants. Gloves are recommended for carrying
  • Not recommenced for long-term hiring which require the frequent relocation of plants as they are difficult to transport without damaging the leaves

Background info on Hiring Canary Island Date Palm

Plant Style: Palm Tree

Canary Island Date Palm Placement: Use to create impact, indoors or indoors in any space

Canary Island Date Palm Hire Period: Indoors – All year round. Outdoors April to October – the leaves are very susceptible to frost damage. We do not recommend this palm for use in exposed windy spots.

Canary Island Date Palm & Planter Hire Charge Per Unit: £17.50 – £55 per palm depending on the size of palm needed (see our hire charges page for further information). A very cost effective palm tree which makes a stunning display.

Canary Island Date Palm Aftercare: Short term hire: No aftercare needed. Long term hire: Not a great deal of care needed. However, you will be provided with aftercare documentation, on delivery of this plant. Aftercare rating = quite easy.

For themed events complementary hire plants include:

If you are looking for a type of palm trees that we have not listed please call us 07929 121347, if we haven’t got it we can probably get it!