Hire Palm Trees

When your event needs to hire palm trees you can choose from a variety of internal and external palms. Whether you are hiring large specimen palm trees or hiring multiple palms for large-scale events or themes, we like to think that we can supply something special for every event.

Large palm tree @ Canary Wharf, London hire KPMG
Large palm tree @ Canary Wharf, London hire KPMG

Due to the UK climate there are a number of palms that thrive in the UK and our palm tree hire selection includes.

Palm trees are plants with un-branched trunks and large, evergreen leaf formations pinnate or palmate leaves the leaf shape is characterised with the following:

  • Pinnate leaves = having leaflets on each side of a common axis i.e. Canary Island Date Palm, Butterfly Palm, Kentia Palm
  • Palmate leaves = having more than three leaflets arising from a common point, often in the form of a fan) i.e. Chinese Windmill Palm, Dwarf Palm

Historical & Geographical information: Palms can be traced back approximately 80 million years and yet have changed little. Palms used to be symbols for concepts like peace, victory and fertility due to their importance in early civilization. There are over 2,500 species of palm trees worldwide existing in a vast array of habitats the majority are found in the rain forests and jungles located in the tropical regions (Central & South America, Africa, Asia) and sub tropical regions (which cover every continent except Antarctica).

For further information regarding hiring palm trees or long-term leasing or rental options 07929 12 13 47.