Olive Trees

You can hire Olive trees and Olive plants to provide very stylish focal points for any event.  The Olive’s irresistible features include silvery green leafy canopies, shaped trunks and branches, all make for stunning choice of tree to hire.

Hire Olive trees as a back drop for hyour wedding ceremony.
Wedding ceremony with Olive trees framing the ceremony focal point – © Andrew Billington Photography

Settings with Olive trees

Olive trees work equally well for most settings from formal to informal and is at its most effective in a freestanding space where the trees can be admired or against darker backgrounds, which help to pick out the colour of the leaves. For night time events up lighting or projecting colours on the Olive trees is a must (see some of the images in the Olive tree gallery for examples of what can be achieved). Olive trees are also ideal to hire if you are thinking of hiring wishing trees at an event.

Themes using Olive trees

Italian gardens, Mediterranean landscapes, fantasy landscapes…through to just enjoying having stunning specimen trees to enhance an event.

Historical information: The Olive is associated with various symbols throughout the world i.e. peace, abundance, glory, wisdom and victory. Olive trees have traditionally been cultivated as a food source, a resource for food oil, the wood from the Olive tree used in cabinet making and the Olive also has medicinal properties. Olive trees are very slow growing and can live for a very long time – some Olive trees are estimated to be 3,000+ years old.

Important Hire Information for Olive Trees

Olive Tree Heights:

    • Small Olive trees 1.6-2M tall (including planters) very full heads
    • Medium Olive trees 2.2-2.6M (including planters) very full heads
    • Large Olive trees 2.5-3M with extra heavy bases for external hires, especially useful for exposed, windy windy spaces. Please note these Olives are very heavy, so check access to the venue before hiring
    • We also have some very large centre piece specimen Olive trees, extremely large and very wide, 2.75-3M+

Tree Widths: These trees heads are approximately 50-65% width to height ratio at their widest point.

For themed events complementary hire plants include:

To hire Olive trees call 07929 12 13 47.