Phormium Tenax

Phormium tenax common name New Zealand flax is a great plant to hire when creating a rain forest themed event and is our only hire plant with very long sword like evergreen fibrous leaves. The hire stock consists of plants with variegated leaves and some Phormium Platt’s Black (purplish brown leaves), Phormium tenax (green leaves) & Phormium Merlot (almost burgundy coloured leaves).

Multi-planted phormiums for hire
Multi-planted phormiums for hire.  Image copyright Amy Faith Photography.

New range of monster sized Phormiums are available 3M tall * 5M+ wide, if you are looking to hire centre piece plants these really are monsters.

Originally from New Zealand Phormiums have a fascinating history. The Maori call Phormiums Harakeke and have used Phormiums for a very diverse range of applications including medicine, for food, to create paper & to dress wounds, using the juice from the roots in the same way we now use antiseptic…

Settings: The younger plants up to approximately 1.5M have a stylish designer chic due to the upright nature of their leaves. Whilst the larger plants work well in various themes that require lush amounts of foliage and they even work well  as statement plants.

Themes: An ideal plant to integrate into a number of types of themes, pub gardens, rain forests and jungles.

For rain forest themed events complementary hire plants include:

Important Information When Hiring Phormium Plants

Height of Phormium Plants: 1 to 3M tall and 4-5M wide (including planters)

Width: Various – the larger plants are very full some with hundreds of leaves

Self collecting option:

  • Small & Medium Phormium plants can be lifted by 1 person
  • Large Phormium plants can be lifted by 2 people

General Information When Hiring Phormiums

Phormiums Uses : As part of jungle & rain forest installations, as a specimen plant

Phormiums Hire Period: Outdoor & indoor, all year round

Phormiums Hire Costs: Costs depend upon the size of plant required

Phormiums Aftercare: Short term hire: No aftercare needed. Long term hire: You will be provided with aftercare documentation, on delivery of this plant. Aftercare rating = easy

If you are looking to hire or rent other large leafed plants call us 07929 121347, for creative solutions when creating rain forests!