Hire Ivy

During plant hires we use hired Ivy plants for a number of specific purposes but mainly for hiding and screening unsightly areas.

and also to create specific scenes like woodlands through to creating jungle like effects using large leaved Ivies like in the image below.

Ivy plants are toxic e.g. they contain Falcarinol (which can induce an allergic reaction), although Ivy also has important medical uses. We DO NOT recommend using Ivy for projects that will have children present or where children might come into contact with the plants, in situations like this artificial Ivy should be used.

We also have a large stock of high quality artificial Ivy for projects where real Ivy cannot be used.

For themed events complementary hire plants include:

Important Information When Hiring Ivy

Ivy Length : Available in three sizes small, medium and large. From 0.3M to 3M – 1ft to 10ft (including planters)

Self collecting option:

  • Ivy – all plants can be lifted by one person

General Information When Hiring Ivy

Plant Style: Foliage plant used as a filler or to cover unsightly areas

Ivy Placement: See the above. We also have hook systems available to enable the plants to be suspended

Ivy Hire Period: Outdoors & Indoors – available for hire all year round

Ivy & Planter Hire Charge Per Unit: Small Ivies £1, medium Ivies £3.00, large Ivies £5.00, 2.5-3M extra large Ivies £12.50.

Ivy Aftercare: Short term hire: See documentation. Long term hire: You will be provided with aftercare documentation, on delivery of this plant. Aftercare rating = easy