Terms & Conditions

This hire agreement relates to the person, persons or company hiring the goods, referred to as “the Hirer” and Real Oasis

This agreement is for the hiring of goods between the hirer and Real Oasis.

Placing an order with us verbally, via Internet, via email, by phone, or any other method of communication constitutes you having read, understood and agrees to the following terms and conditions.

Please read this agreement carefully. Upon entering into this agreement, you the hirer agree to be bound by the terms within.

General Terms & Conditions

The hired plants, planters and any other items belonging to Real Oasis will remain at the address/location as delivered to by Real Oasis or as specified during collection by the hirer. Under no circumstances will they be moved to another location without the expressed consent of Real Oasis.

The goods remain the property of Real Oasis at all times during the hire period. Real Oasis, or its legally appointed agents, reserves the right to gain access to property at all reasonable times should it become necessary to reclaim the goods hired.

Delivery, collection Access Information

All bookings are accepted on the basis that they are on the ground floor, have easy access, and are within 10 to 20 metres of the delivery point. If this is not the case the hirer must inform us prior to confirming the booking. The hirer must inform us of any difficulties regarding access at the time of booking.

Please check the following:

  • Off/on loading space – has been allocated
  • Parking – space has been allocated for the duration of set up and dismantling.
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to obtain any necessary parking dispensation and any parking tickets issued as a result of a hirer failing to obtain the appropriate permission will fail due to the hirer.
  • Entrances – you have checked the width of any entrances to be used and it is wide enough to accommodate all chosen plants and related materials
  • Access by stairs – we have been informed that access is via stairs and have agreed to this
  • Access by lifts – we have been informed that access is via lifts and have agreed to this

Some of the plants are extremely heavy and may require many people or machinery to lift. Failure to inform us in advance of any access problems may mean that we are unable to stay to schedule and may mean that we are unable to deliver the plants and related materials. In this case full fees will be charged.

Delivery & Collection

Real Oasis will deliver and collect all plants as per the hire agreement, at a specified time, date and location.

Should the hirer or venue prevent us from collecting any or all of the hired items at the time specified, we reserve the right to charge for any additional hire period, losses, expenses, waiting time and all additional costs in order to recollect.


In the event of the hirer, wishing to collect and return plants themselves, this must be arranged by prior agreement. However, plants are difficult to transport and any damage because of the hirer arranging their own collection must be paid for in full.

Real Oasis reserves the rights to appoint a private courier to collect all items, in the event that plants and planters are not returned at the agreed date and time. Full charges in this eventuality will be passed on to the hirer and will be considerably more than the rates quoted by Real Oasis.

The hirer must call Real Oasis on 01606 860086 in order to “off hire” the goods hired. The hire contract shall continue until Real Oasis is otherwise notified. The goods hired, remain the responsibility of the hirer until Real Oasis is notified to take delivery of the goods.

N.B. some plants are very large and very heavy, check the plant size against the loading and height capacity of your intended vehicle to ascertain whether the plants will fit, e.g. an olive tree @ 3M will not fit into vehicles like a Ford Transit. See our guide to self-collection. If in doubt please call the office and we will inform you of the appropriate vehicle.

Plant Aftercare

On hires covering a period exceeding 48hrs, the plants may have to be watered with mains tap water. A check sheet will be provided providing details for each and every plant type.


If you require on site maintenance this must be agreed in advance of confirmation.


During the hire period, in the event of any loss or damage (however caused) of any plants or other items hired to the hirer by Real Oasis, the hirer agrees to reimburse Real Oasis the full retail cost of the goods lost. The hirer also agree to pay other expenses, i.e. travelling, administration & buying fees, purchasing costs, carriage costs and the loss of hire revenue until Real Oasis can replace the goods lost or damaged. Remember, you are responsible for all items hired to the hirer under this agreement from the point of delivery to the hirer until the hire contract ceases, and all items hired are safely collected and or, returned to Real Oasis.

Decorating Plants

No liquids/fluids/decoration/lighting or any other matter or material are to be added or attached to the compost or plant, whether accidental or otherwise, unless Real Oasis have granted their express permission.

With prior agreement, the hirer may decorate plants hired to them or the decoration can be carried out by Real Oasis. On the firm agreement that Real Oasis are compensated, in full for any damage caused to any plant by said decoration.

Please ensure all decorations, ties, wires etc., are removed from the hired plants. Any corrective work carried out by Real Oasis to remove decorations is charged at £35.00 + VAT per hour, with a minimum charge of one hour.


Cheques received by us and subsequently returned by the hirers bankers unpaid, will attract an unpaid cheque fee of £35.00 + administration costs of £25 per hour. This fee will apply each time an item is returned unpaid by the hirer’s bankers.

We may, at our discretion, extend the hirer credit terms. If we fail to receive payment within our stated terms as per our invoice, we reserve the right to charge a one-time late payment fee of £25.00. For every additional full day the account remains overdue, we reserve the right to charge interest @ 8% above the banking base rate of the outstanding net amount daily in respect of late payment fees. The hirer is responsible for ensuring the account has been paid in full.

All non payments will be pursued via the legal system.


New hirers will be required to make a deposit, the deposit will be held by Real Oasis until the plants are collected and/or returned to Real Oasis. The deposit shall be refunded to the hirer in full, upon the return of the hired plants, planters and any other items, in good condition.


The hirer is strongly advised to have adequate insurance cover in place, to guard against theft, fire, flood or accidental damage to any hired plants or other goods belonging to Real Oasis. The hirer is responsible for ensuring insurance to the full sum of replacement cost is in place for the duration of the hire period.

Public Liability

The hirer agrees that once Real Oasis have offloaded greenery that responsibility for Public Liability becomes The Hirers. Public Liability needs be in force for the duration of the event until Real Oasis have collected the greenery.


All quotes are valid for 30 days.

We want your event to be successful. If you are in any doubt regarding any of the Real Oasis T&C’s, please call before booking.