The following is a quick checklist for anyone wishing to self-collect plants and planters.

Vehicle – Check that the vehicle you intend to collect with is large enough for the task.

Securing plants for transit – Check you have sufficient strapping, webbing or rope to fasten all plants and planters securely.

Loading – Leave enough time to ensure that you can load the vehicle properly, it is impossible to say how long this will take, for a couple of topiary spirals loading up might only take ten minutes. Loading a 7.5-ton vehicle with 80 plants and planters takes in the region of 2 – 4 hours.

Driving – If you are not familiar with driving larger vehicles LWB, Luton’s, 7.5 ton vans, please take your time and readjust your approach to driving.

Lifting – Some of our hire plants are very heavy, heath and safety rules & regs state that one person should lift a maximum of 25kg. A 2-Metre palm weights approximately 75kg, whilst this is lift able by one person it is not recommended.

Lifting devices – sack trucks and trolleys are very useful and if you have anything of this nature then it is recommended that you bring it with you.

Tools – Apart for securing materials, lifting devices, you will need a hoover, brush and dustpan, work clothes and additional clean products depending upon the type of planter you are hiring.

Times – Please ensure that you notify the office of your arrival times.

An example of what is involved.

The process that you will go through is the following and an approximate timescale has been provided for guidance. In this case, we have assumed that you are traveling from Manchester; please adjust the location and relevant times to suit.


  • Set off and arrive for collection – 1 hour
  • Load up & secure – 45 minutes – 1 hour
  • Depart to your venue – 1 hour
  • Unload – 30 minutes
  • Install – 30 minutes
  • Clean planters, water plants, dress planters and position – 1 hour

Total time taken 5 hours. Returning plants and planters is the reverse of the above.

You are advised to have adequate insurance in place and damage to any of our plants, planters, lights, etc., needs to be paid for in full. This is non negotiable for further information please see our terms & conditions. You are expected to be responsible for all of the above, a member of staff will be there to meet you and offer advice.