Real Oasis Contact Information

We undertake projects throughout the UK and offer both a design and dressing service or just deliver of stunning greenery according to your requirements. If you need to talk through your project you are welcome to contact us using any of the following methods. Please note that anything postal can go unanswered for months, the real office is a virtual/mobile office.


Mobile: 07929 12 13 47

44 (0)1606 851740 Please avoid using this number until 15-06-2018 due to a cock up by PlusNet (morons) they have pushed the wrong button and the line will not work until then.

Please note during busy periods we use call redirection to the above mobile number.


N.B. Hotmail email users – we cannot reply to any hotmail address. So if you email us and don’t include an alternative email address you will not get a reply.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm
Saturday office closed – deliveries & collections only
Sunday office closed – deliveries & collections only


Please note this is only the administration address (do not use if you are collecting, please call the office for the collection address).

Real Oasis
19 Station Road


We welcome visits to inspect plants and trees, however, please note this is by appointment only.