Hire Bamboo Screens

Hire a bamboo screen to create a wall is a simple way of using bamboo plants to screen off unsightly areas or when you want to obscure a view. Using densely placed Bamboo is equally useful to create walkways, through which to guide visitors. Suitable to use indoors or outdoors in large spaces. Available in lengths of 1M in galvanised steel troughs enabling you to create a screen.

Olympic VIP area with bamboo screen Hyde P1ark 2012
Olympic VIP area with bamboo screen Hyde P1ark 2012

Bamboo screens can be used to form a Mechitza, (although it should be noted that when using bamboo to create a mechitzot, the mechitzot will not fully opaque unless enough plants are used to form a very dense divide). Other bamboo plants in the hire range include small bamboos, medium bamboos, large bamboos & Arrow Bamboos.

Important Information When Hiring The Bamboo Wall

Self collecting option:

Height of the Bamboo Wall : 2.5-3.5M+ or 8-11.5ft+ (including planters)

  • Please note these troughs are extremely heavy, we advise a minimum of 2 people are needed to lift and position.

General Information When Hiring The Bamboo Wall

Bamboo Wall Uses : Screen off areas, create walk throughs, barriers…

Bamboo Wall Hire Period: Outdoor & indoor, all year round

Bamboo Wall Hire Costs: Costs depend upon the quantity required, please call for a quote

Bamboo Wall Aftercare: Short term hire: No aftercare needed. Long term hire: You will be provided with aftercare documentation, on delivery of this plant. Aftercare rating = easy

For themed events complementary hire plants include:


If you are looking to rent bamboo plants call us 07929 121347, for creative solutions when using bamboo plants!