Hire Bamboo

When you need to hire bamboo plants the Real Oasis range available to hire is simply stunning – probably the finest collection available in the UK. Bamboo is a very versatile evergreen plant and can be hired to create many themed events, jungle and rain forests to name a few. All of our species of bamboos have been awarded the RHS AGM.

Hire bamboo plants to create a Japanese garden @ Covent garden, London
Japanese tea garden decorated with bamboo plants

Settings with Bamboo

Bamboo works well as both a filler plant and alternatively with the correct planter bamboos can look dazzling as a specimen plant in all types of settings from contemporary to exotic, due to their height and abundance of leaves, which always provide a very fresh look.

Themes using Bamboo

Just about anything tropical, jungles, rain forests, bamboo screens.

For your convenience we group the bamboos by size. Small bamboo hire plants (up to 2M high) medium sized bamboo hire plants (2-3M high) large bamboo hire plants (3-4M tall and very dense), there are also a few extra large specimen bamboos. Large and medium bamboo plants can easily be grouped to form a very dense wall of bamboo or you can create a bamboo screen.

There is also a small range of Arrow Bamboo (Pseudosasa) has much larger leaves and is ideal for rain forests and a works well combined with hiring with other types of bamboo or as wonderful alternative.

Bamboo is a hardy evergreen plant that was originally found in tropical regions, throughout Asia and as far South as Australia through to Sub-Saharan Africa. As a plant it has a great many uses: used in gardens, used to make building materials, even used to make cloth and as a source of food for both humans and animals.

There are approximately 1,000 species of Bamboo which range in size from small ground cover at only 10cm high to huge bamboos 36+ Metres (118 feet) tall. In India bamboo is a symbol of friendship and the Chinese consider bamboo to be a symbol of longevity. Bamboo is often referred to as a tree (probably due to the height which some species can grow), however, bamboo is really a grass from the Poaceae family.

Looking to hire Bamboo plants for short-term hires, long-term renting or leasing options? Call us on 07929 12 13 47.

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