Fatsia japonica a Large Leafed Hire Plant

Hiring Fatsia japonica is an excellent choice when your theme need to hire jungle plants or tropical plant hire themes – where a very distinctive evergreen leafy look will play a major factor. Fatsias combine with other tropical looking plants as a cost effective filler plant.

Fatsia japonica (Japanese Aralia) is an evergreen shrub with large glossy, slightly leathery looking leaves. Fatsia japonicas are native to Taiwan and southern Japan although they have been introduced and acclimatised across Western Europe and many countries where is does not get colder than -15C. The Fatsia leaves have a highly distinctive look and on mature plants can grow up to 50 cm in width. In a suitable location these plants can achieve a height and width in excess of 3M.

Settings: Anywhere that large leafy foliage is needed to naturalise the setting

Themes: Jungles, tropical, rainforests, English gardens (as a shrub) or as a general filler plant

The leaf colour differs depending upon the location that the plant is grown in. In a sheltered environment with little natural light, the leaves are a dark green. Grown in strong sunlight the leaves become a lighter shade of green.

Most people have seen Fatsia japonica leaves even if they do not realise it, as the leaf is a huge favourite among florists.

Important Information When Hiring Fatsia japonica

Fatsia Height: Various sized plants available

Fatsia Width: Various sized plants available

Self collecting option: 1 person per plant, these are very light weight plants

General Information When Hiring Fatsia japonica

Fatsia japonica Placement: Use as a shrub or as an integral part of a themed effect.

Fatsia japonica Hire Period: Indoors & Outdoors – all year round

Fatsia japonica & Planter Hire Charge Per Unit: Various depending upon the size of the plant, call for prices.

Fatsia japonica Aftercare: Short term hire: No aftercare needed. Aftercare rating = very easy.

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