Chinese Windmill Palm

If you would like to rent palm trees the Chinese Windmill Palm AKA Trachycarpus fortunei or Chusan palm, is hardy palm and an ideal palm tree to rent for any event that requires large palm trees. The leaves on the very large palm trees are high enough to form canopies for people to walk under, to achieve this effect palms of 2.5M or taller are needed.

The Chinese Windmill Palm has a trunk covered with coarse fibres giving the trunks a hairy look and has long evergreen (Palmate) fan shaped leaves. The fibres from the leafstalks and trunks had a number of uses the primary uses were to make ropes and cloth. Chinese Windmill Palm attains it’s maximum canopy wide of approximately 2-2.5M by the time it has reached approximately 2.25M tall and from this point they will grow taller but do not grow much wider.

Settings: Stand-alone specimen palm trees, in large spaces as a stylish corporate palm tree, create a canopy effect or use as a walk through or frame an entrance.

Themes: beaches, coastline, seaside, jungles

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Important Information When Renting the Chinese Windmill Palms

Palm Height: Choose from 2M + (6.6ft +) 2-2.5M 2.5-3M (9ft +) and even larger specimen palms (including planters).

Palm Width: 1.5 – 2M+ (5-7ft)

Self-collecting option: N.B. These are very heavy palm trees, difficult to lift and manoeuvre

  • Up to 2-3M palm trees – 2-3 people per plant
  • Larger palm trees 3M+ – 3 people per plant (call to discuss)

General Information When Renting Chinese Windmill Palms

Plant Style: Palm Tree

Chinese Windmill Palm Placement: Use to create impact, indoors or indoors in any space

Chinese Windmill Palm Rental Period: Outdoor & Indoor – All year round

Chinese Windmill Palm & Planter rent Charge Per Unit: £42.50 – £100+ depending upon the size of palms trees required

Chinese Windmill Palm Aftercare: Short term rental: None. Long term rental: An ideal plant as they are very hardy and require very little aftercare, you will be provided with aftercare documentation, on delivery of this plant. Aftercare rating = very easy.

N.B. These palm trees are very heavy, if you are self-collecting we would advise that you call to discuss how to transport these palm trees.

For themed events complementary hire plants include:

If you are looking to rent palm trees that we have not listed please call us 07929 121347, if we haven’t got it we may be able to get it!