Hire Artificial Grass and Instantly Transform an Event Space

Hiring natural looking artificial grass for events, installations and exhibitions provides an excellent way to create a fresh and interesting look – we use high quality artificial grass when a “real grass” look is essential.

Key points:

Natural looking

No maintenance alternative to natural turf

Quick installation time

Very cost effective compared to using natural grass

Exceptional durability

UV stability is high – it does not fade

Fire rating

class 1 rating when filled with sand

class 2 if left unfilled

Invisible joints

Manufactured from low slip resistant yarns

Ideal for high traffic events & exhibitions

Important information when you hire Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Dimensions : Is hired out by the square metre

Self collecting option:

  • Depending upon the size of the artificial grass required quantities of up to 2M * 3M can be lifted easily by one person. Larger sizes will require 2 or more people to lift.

Cutting Artificial Grass: Is only permissible by prior agreement and will incur higher charges.

General Information When Hiring Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Placement: Can be used on any surface that double sided tape will stick to.

Artificial Grass Hire Period: Indoors and outdoors all year

Artificial Grass Hire Charge Per Unit: Please call for a quote.

Please note we only hire artificial grass as part of a dressing service, not as a stand alone service.