Tree Hire : Birch Tree Hire Range

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The Birch tree hire range is a very attractive addition to our range of trees for hire. An incredibly cost effective hire option for any event that needs to incorporate trees into a theme. We stock Silver Birch (Betula pendula) & Jacquemonti Birch ( Betula jacquemontii).

In addition to single stemmed Birch trees we also have a wonderful selection of multi-stemmed Birch trees introduced specifically for weddings, which really come in to their own when a smaller tree is needed or for added interest as a winter tree.

N.B. The Birch (Betula from the Betulaceae family) is a deciduous tree coming into leaf from mid April. As a hire plant Birch trees can be used for a number of different purposes from English themes i.e. parks and woodlands through to creating walkways or to create a fresh and natural look at exhibitions and events.

Single and multi stemmed Birch trees

Large single & multi-stemmed Birch trees @ a long-term hire

Primary renown in the UK for its bark colouration which covers and multitude of colours from silver, red, brown to nearly black. Apart from its natural function the Birch has traditionally had a vast range of uses in medicinal, food, drink, furniture, through to some more interesting activities. The Birch tree has become established throughout the temperate parts of the Northern hemisphere, mainly Europe, Northern America and Asia. Countries like Russian & Finland have made the Birch their national trees.

Birch trees at The National Theatre for their Winter theme landscape

Birch trees @ The Nation Theatre, London

Important Tree Hire Information for Birch Trees

Tree Height:

Tree Widths: These trees have approximately one-third width to height ratio at their widest point

Self collecting option:

Self collection is not available on the hire range of Birch trees.

Self collection not available on the larger trees, due to the difficulties of transporting the trees.

Birch trees at The Brewery for Coast's Cat Walk

Birch trees for Coast's Fashion Catwalk @ The Brewery, London

General Tree Hire Information for Birch Trees

Plant Style: Tree

Birch Trees Placement: A wide range of uses for indoors or outdoor spaces – woodland themes, parks, or as individual trees as part of a display

Birch Trees Hire Period: All year round. If foliage is required April to October/November or first frosts.

Birch Trees & Planter Hire Charge Per Unit: From £25 to £300 per tree (see our hire charges page for further information). A very cost effective tree which makes a stunning display.

Birch Trees Aftercare: Short term hire: No aftercare needed. Long term hire: Continual watering needed throughout the Spring to late Autumn. Aftercare rating = easy.

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