Wedding Topiary, Plants and Trees

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We often get asked what type of greenery can be used at Weddings? There is a quick guide to hiring wedding plants and which plants to choose to create the look that you want at your wedding.

Firstly choose what suits you, don't worry about what everyone else does.

Formal Wedding Plants (topiary)

Any form of topiary plant either arranged in pairs to frame entrances or any combination of odd or even numbers to enhance marquees, walkways, etc. lollipops, spirals, pyramids all work well and each shape creates a very specific effect.

Wedding Plants - Large Bay Tree Lollipops

Tips. Combining topiary shaped plants works well but only if carefully chosen i.e. lollipops with pyramids or with spirals but care needs to be taken if combining more than two shapes as the effect can look odd.

Informal English Wedding Plants (anything that is not a form of topiary)

There are a large number of informal plants that could be hired for weddings, however, the choice if often very limited due to the cost of having to purchase and maintain such a wide potential selection. Our favourites are Birch trees, Olive Trees, ornamental grasses, Ivies, ferns...

Wedding Plants Birch Trees

Tip. Be careful if you are thinking of hiring plants that are deciduous, as most will only have a limited period (anything from 2 weeks to 6 months per annum) when they look at their best. Your chosen hire company will be able to advise you of any potential problems. In our case we will always provide a Plan B in this eventuality.

Exotic and Tropical Themed Wedding Plants

A wide range of ideas and plants that you can choose from. From selecting good-looking specimen palm trees or bamboos to creating themes like jungles and rainforests.

Wedding Plants - A Jungle

Tip. Check that the plants are safe for environments with children about. Themes like rainforests and jungles can take many hours to prepare so make sure that you can get access to the wedding venue with plenty of time to spare.

Alternative Wedding Plant Ideas

Matching Your Name to A Plant with the Same Name.

Plants are given names. So you could choose to buy a plant named after the bride, groom or both. If you do decide to do this. Try to source the plant locally, this means that you can pick out the best plants. Once you have found a supplier place an order and reserve the plant but collect the plants as near to the wedding date as possible. It is estimated that 25% of plants bought die within a few days of purchase as buyers forget to find out how best to look after them. This is especially true in the build up to a wedding where you have so many other things to attend to.

Do you have a suggestion that we have not listed? We would be grateful for any wedding plant suggestions that people make and any suggestions that we feature will receive one of our beautiful bouquets or floral arrangement by way of a thank you from us.

When you need to hire plants or trees for your events or you want to chat through your event contact Real Oasis.

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