Top Table Floral Arrangements

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Top Table Floral Arrangements need to be carefully planned. Scale is important as is colour and placement. Floral displays that are too small look silly, overly large displays obscure peoples views. The flowers used usually repeat the theme set by the bride's bouquet, however, there is no reason not to be different, you might just use foliage or fragrant cut branches of Leylandii.

Top Table Floral Displays

Top Table Floral Displays

Looking for something different? Try our stunning wedding arches.

Table Centrepieces Displays

Rose Bowl

Height: 0.45M
Style: Classic
Description: A contemporary rose bowl
Placement: Ideal as a centre point on table tops

The cost of Top Table Floral Arrangements & Table Centrepieces starts from £20

If you are looking for innovative top table displays for your wedding challenge us 07929 121347

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