Hire Instant Arches, Walkways and Wedding Canopies

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Covered with evergreen Ivy the Instant Arch is multifunctional as a standalone arch or joined to form a wedding canopy or combined to form a walkway. Ticking all the boxes an providing an instant entrance or focal point for weddings and events both indoor or outdoor. Use multiple arches to create an instant walkway from one point to another. These arches are quick and easy for florists to decorate and turn into a floral arches, canopies or even walkways.

Each arch stands at 7.6 ft (2.31M) high and 8.6ft (2.62M) wide (internal dimensions) and approximately 8ft (2.43M) high and 10ft (3.04M) across (external dimensions) including the Ivy covered planters. They can be combined with horizontal bars in 6.6, 10 or 13ft (2, 3 or 4M) lengths and covered with Ivy to create stunning walkways.

Ivy arch walkway at Manchester Central for the Coop "Good with Food Awards"

Ivy arches combined to form a 20M walkway at Manchester Central for the Coop "Good with Food Awards"

Hire the Evergreen Ivy Arch

Arches with horizontal strips

Alternatively combine two arches with the horizontal bars and add a cover to get a wedding canopy. Canopies are available either using Hessian (light brown, see below) or white sailcloth.

Hire the Evergreen Ivy Arch

Covered canopy combining two arches

Hire the Evergreen Ivy Arch

Arches with LED fairy lights

The Instant Arches not only create an entrance they are very hardy and a florists dream as they can be decorated with prior agreement. The Instant Arch is constructed from steel and is very sturdy, includes stabilising system for external hires in exposed areas or on uneven ground.

If you would like to hire the Instant Arch call us 07929 121347. For large numbers of arches please book at well in advance. See also wedding arches and bespoke solutions and arches.

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